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Board the Leah Space Station as Montgomery, an intergalactic soldier of fortune. Your mission is simple, to understand what happen to the stations communications and locate the lead scientist and report him back to HQ for investigation.

Turns out it isn't so simple as you learn upon your arrival. The stations in complete disarray and there's been an infestation of not so friendly guests. 

You'll be equipped with an arsenal of several weapons to choose from as well as make use of the stations defense vehicles to deal with these "guests".

** Gamepad support is not  supported for the demo, but will be on full release **

** Audio and resolution settings will be implemented on full release as well **

Published Jul 11, 2018
StatusIn development

Install instructions

Simply extract the zipped file to a folder of your choosing and play the "The Colony.exe"


TheColonyDemo1.2.rar 139 MB


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I did the art on this game and so made a video of the demo. My computer sucks but when I played, it ran smoothly without any frame rate

issues. Its' just when I recorded it, it got bad. That being said, I'm very proud of this game were putting together and would love to hear from others.